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Deanna takes D.C…and all the donuts.

Just as birds fly north in the spring, our southern belle made the 1,100-mile journey from Louisiana to D.C. last week for much needed face time with the team. Packing a change of clothes and a voracious appetite only ultra-glazed donuts could satisfy, Deanna found not one, but two dozen deep-fried rings of warm, sugary goodness waiting for her.

Talk about DOA (diabetes on arrival).

Let’s roll that donut reel!

But her visit wasn’t all play—er, eat. After making sure we had our fair share (one for each of us, 18 for herself), Deanna met with various FHI 360 staff so they could put a face to “that lovely drawl on the phone.”

Web team unites! Jake and Deanna recapturing the moment.

No longer confined to her hallway-office at home, Deanna got a kick out of the studio’s extra square footage.

Kudos to Brian for immortalizing her visit!