We are family.

Empathy drives our creativity. We’re drawn together by a shared personal and professional commitment to making a positive difference in people’s lives through our work.

Anne Quito


Good enough is not good enough. This has always been Anne’s M.O. when it comes to design. Working across sectors and continents, her zeal for intelligent, innovative design is a cornerstone to every project’s success. At the tender age of seven, Anne began her quest of reading the English dictionary cover to cover. She can challenge you to polysyllabic wordfare any day.

MA in Visual Culture
MFA (2014) Design Criticism
BA in Communications

Twitter: @annequito



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Brian Campbell

Senior Production Associate

MS Word and PowerPoint extraordinaire, Brian doesn’t believe .docs and .ppts have to be clunky and monotonous. He turns them into engaging, memorable pieces while keeping them fully editable. Brian lends his hand in video editing, publication layout, and other essential production tasks. He lends his green thumb to an urban garden that yields purple carrots, dragon tongue beans, blood turnips (do you see a theme here?), and other veggies you probably won’t find at your local grocery store.

BFA in Multimedia


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Carly Rounds

Associate Art Director

Whether you’re refreshing a brochure or facing a total identity crisis, Carly is your branding queen. She’ll help you develop a visual mark that illuminates your mission and resonates with the audience. Her first branding gig was for the BRYC Al Dougherty Memorial Soccer Tournament, where she developed a patch giveaway. Age? Twelve. Payment? A bucket of oranges.

BA in Studio Art

Twitter: @carlyrounds


Deanna Ledet Saab

Associate Art Director, Web

Style sheets. User experience. Site architecture. Phrases like these make Deanna’s fingers tingle and eyes sparkle. Specializing in CSS/HTML coding, Deanna has designed and developed web solutions for clients such as USAID, CDC, and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Based in Louisiana, Deanna’s dream workspace would include earphones wired to an endless library of movie soundtracks and a self-replenishing platter of cupcakes and donuts.

BFA in Graphic Design


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Irinn Vinaiphat

Graphic Designer

Irinn may be small in physique, but she has a big and wild imagination. She’s happiest when surrounded by grids, patterns, furry things, and gallons of hand sanitizer. Bringing her experience designing products for HBO and volunteering as mural artist for New York Cares, Irinn now shares a (very organized) desk with Kung at Design Lab’s office in Bangkok. Her specialties include identity and information design.

BFA Communications Design


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Kay Garcia


Kay attended Florida State University, which may be why she loves drawing fruits and vegetables, foxes, and fish. Her latest work includes a series of farm illustrations for agricultural trainers, a low-cost, cartoon bat booklet for young children, and graphics for a family planning guide. Among her other talents are sewing and baking. Kay once forded a roiling river with, most notably: a goat, a camera, and a copy of Crime and Punishment. Oh, and did we mention she can make her own bow and arrow?

BFA in Studio Art



Melanie Tingstrom

Studio Manager

Harnessing her time-manipulation superpowers, Melanie juggles the schedules of all Design Lab 360 projects. Completely unflappable under deadline, she works with clients, designers, and vendors to ensure products are completed accurately and on time. When she comes up for air, she enjoys writing copious amounts of fiction and forcing colleagues to sample her culinary experiments.

BA in International
Relations, minor in Managerial Economics

Twitter: mytingstrom

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Shannon Dyson

Associate Art Director

Having designed publications, training guides, Web sites, and ads for public health initiatives for more than seven years, Shannon knows the ins and outs of NIH, CDC, and HHS programs. Be it flu, nutrition, or child health, Shannon crafts materials that get the message out and spur people to take action. As our resident Section 508 expert, she also knows every tag in the book for making publications accessible to all audiences. Unlike Brian, plants tend to perish under Shannon’s care, but she has managed to grow a Guinness-worthy collection of Mr. Potato Heads.

MA in Publication Design,
BS in Visual Communication Design

Twitter: snsmith99

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Stefanie O’Brien

Associate Art Director

Using every creative method short of a magic wand, Stefanie delivers design solutions tailored to client objectives. She’s also an infographics guru, turning complex data into compelling, user-friendly figures, maps, tables, and graphs. Hailing from Germany, Stefanie is our sole supplier of Milka and Kinder Eggs. A natural synesthete, her lucky number is green. Some may refer to it as “5.”

BA in Graphic Design,
minors in Communications and Psychology


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